Scout · Mobile Survey & Psychological Performance App

Predicting athletic performance through personality.

Comprehensive product designed for Receptiviti and MLB. Includes custom design system, branding, logo, illustrations, and data visualizations.

Scout gives sports recruiters, performance coaches, and researchers a way to reliably collect language data and access Receptiviti's psychological analysis algorithms in the field.

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Find the path of least resistance.

A forward-moving approach to the page architecture simplifies the experience for busy scouts.
(session→candidate→survey→results) While the UI mimics familiar interaction patterns found in mobile address books.

To create a controlled and consistent data collection environment most scouts will have a dedicated device for the survey process. Scouts can also forward a survey link using text or email.

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to Recruit.


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Give data scientists a complete dataset.

A clean, consistent, and complete dataset is required for data scientists and machine learning engineers to find patterns and build models. To prevent gaps extra care was taken to encourage users to fill all fields using visual cues and prompts throughout the app.

On this screen, the recruit is encouraged to complete input fields left unfilled when the recruiter created their profile.

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Visual Design should respond to Changing User Needs.

A utilitarian look and direct tone is used for the task-focused screens used by the recruiter.

On the pages seen by the candidate, organic textures, a casual writing tone, and naturalistic illustrations encourage relaxed writing and creativity in the coming exercise section.

A move away from overused illustration themes (people working next to plants, carrying shapes, or climbing oppressively large UI's etc.) makes the app stand out.

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to Recruiter.

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Trust users with detailed visualizations.

Scatter plots display recruits absolute scores on each measure, while radar charts provide a quick view into how an individual compares to the whole. We decided to give users tools to scan and understand a large amount of data without simplifying it to the point of abstraction.

The recruit screen provides scouts with information about the individual alongside their psychological scores. This page has an extendable drawer allowing the scout to see as much analytics content as possible while still being able to refer back to demographic data.

Devin Schneider ● Product Designer

Based in Toronto

Currently Available