Catalyst · Psychological Analytics App

A tool to visualize the flow of group psychology.

Receptiviti visualizes group psychology using linguistic and machine learning algorithms that measure and interpret the psychological signals hidden in language.

As the design lead for the organization, my task was to create an analytics application giving our early customers (large banks, pro sports teams, and consulting firms) a simple way to freely explore and interpret their psychological data. It was a priority to present their data in a way that would be easy to understand without sacrificing the nuance and complexity of human psychology.

Stress Over Time

A feature set for products that get smarter with time.

Catalyst uses machine learning to make its psychological insights and predictions better with time. We needed a set of initial features that would provide maximum value to our early customers - enabling us to learn as much as possible while giving the product room to grow with our algorithms.

Our solution was a modular architecture that would allow the team to add and remove metrics without disrupting existing features. We started with our strongest psychological metrics first - giving users simple tools to manually analyze their data, while we moved towards our goal of automated insight identification and prediction with each release.

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An overview of group psychology

A high-level summary of the current group and their psychological state. Abnormally healthy or unhealthy measures are flagged for users to take a closer look.


Understand how emotion flows through a population

Understand the potential reasons why a psychological state is manifesting at a given point in time. Diagnose specific sub populations and look into short term trends.

Measure Page

Analyze how psychology changes over time.

Explore long term trends in psychology. Compare multiple measures and populations and overlay events to find what may be shifting the psychological forecast.


Spot problems across the large groups with heatmaps.

Quickly spot problems in large groups of people. Select any cell to change active filters and diagnose the issue.


Design systems help build better products faster.

At Receptiviti we had teams working on many different projects. Because we could not devote a designer to each team it was a priority to develop a comprehensive set of parts anybody could put together to create interfaces.

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Comprehensive Developer Blueprints

Detailed developer mockups are an important part of my process.

They ensure creatives have thought through all aspects of their mockups, help development teams build more quickly, and educate everyone about design and user experience decisions.


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